Sick Days and Lego Bricktober Sets

I woke up this morning not feeling well and made the decision to stay home from work and rest. While I napped away most of the morning and early afternoon, I did manage to pull myself out from the fetal, movie-watching position on the couch and put together two of the Lego Toys R Us 2014 Bricktober sets that my friend had managed to score at a Toys R Us while visiting family in Kentucky for $19.99 a pop – Lego Bricktober Fire Station (40182) and Lego Bricktober Town Hall (40183):

I was excited that my friend was able to pick these up for me because I had fun building the Lego Mini Modulars (10230) and have an affinity for all things miniature. My fingers are still crossed that they release another set of those Mini Modulars in the near future (a girl can dream) but for now these are as close as I’ll get. Of the two Bricktober sets, I liked the Town Hall set best and decided to begin with that one.

At 186 pieces, it was a breeze to put together in less than twenty minutes. Even though I’ve had a few years of collecting and building with Lego, I am continually pleased and impressed with the final product coming to life as the pictures just do not do the final product the proper justice it deserves. My favorite part has to be the front facade with the columns, frog statues, and domed roof. The double-decker bus is pretty neat too. It’s crazy to think that a building rendering can be made with so few bricks.

After completing the Town Hall I was eager to tear into the Fire Station:

With 175 pieces this one was even easier to snap together. I really liked the clear blue bricks used for the garage door and the tiny little firetruck with working ladder and helicopter with rotating propellers.

For both sets I liked the use of the small clear bricks for the windows and how they are able to connect together much like the Lego Mini Modular set:

I knew these sets were tiny… but when comparing them next to the Mini Modular set, they’re teenie tiny!

Itty bitty indeed…

Overall these were two fun and quick builds. It’s a little rough that they cost $19.99 + tax each and I was a little hesitant on paying that much but in the end I think they’re well worth it. It’s always fun to have miniature items and it’s great on how much detail is able to be included with so few and so small of bricks. My favorite of the two is definitely the Town Hall as I think it has more of an aesthetic presence to it, but the Fire Station is a vital aspect to any Lego town, no matter how small.

While this was my first Bricktober set and the first time I’ve ever heard of Bricktober, I hope that new ones will be released this fall. For now though, I just may have to be on the hunt for Lego Bricktober Theater (40180) Lego Bricktober Pizza Place (40181) sets to add to my tiny town.


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