Happy BDay, Barbie

As an eighties baby, Barbie was one of the main staples of my toy collection. Barbie was affordable and easily accessible where my mom did her shopping. And I think for a lot of holidays, it was just a no-brainer go to gift for a young girl. I remember occasionally being able to pick out a new outfit and combing through all of the options, within a certain price-point, to find the perfect one at Walmart. Usually, this meant the outfit with the most sparkles or glitter. But, once you had one Barbie it kind of felt like you had them all – they all looked the same, with no variety or originality.

While I still admittedly collect dolls, Barbie has fallen well off my radar. I’ve heard about the new Fashionistas line featuring curvy, tall, and petite Barbies and all I can think of “where were those when I was a kid?!”. But seriously, better late than never. With Barbie’s fifty-seventh birthday upon us, I took some time to browse the The Barbie Collection site, and boy-oh-boy has she come a long way. Well, maybe it’s her outfits and styling that’s come along way since she is still as vapid as ever (am I right?).

These lovely dolls come at a very high price-point but are so lovely to look at. I would honestly never shell out this kind of money but definitely wouldn’t turn one down should it appear on my doorstep. Here are a few that caught my fancy:

Claudette Gordon


Lady of the White Woods


Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride


Venetian Muse


Water Sprite


Queen of the Dark Forest


What are you opinions on Barbie? Yay or nay?

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