For the love of Jurassic World…

Friday June 12th, T and I took off from work and went with some friends to Downtown Disney to see Jurassic World in 3D. It was a very long time since we have been to the movies and it’s been an even longer time since seeing a movie on opening day. On top of that, it was my first time going to a dine-in theater. With comfortable seats and popcorn refills at the push of a button, I don’t think that I would be able to see a movie any other way in the future.

Admittedly, I love all things Jurassic Park, both the movies and the books, and I was so excited to relive some childhood nostalgia through Jurassic World and was happy that it did not disappoint. I liked that it included bits of the Jurassic Park movie (such as the original visitors center, night-vision googles, JP Jeeps, Indominus rex roaring in the old JP visitor center a-la T-rex, etc.), I think there were some missed opportunities and special touches to help relive those Speilburg-eqsue moments from the first Jurassic Park movie. It wouldn’ve been awesome to see some water tremoring in the enormous footprint of the Indominus rex or the toe-taps of the Raptors. I was also unnecessarily annoyed by the wardrobe choices for Clarie’s character… I mean, outrunning dinos through the jungle in heels? Come on!

Overall Jurassic World may not have been as thoughtful or as powerful as Jurassic Park had been and there were a lot of superficial characters and predictable situations, but I think I allow my overwhelming love for all things Jurassic Park to overshadow the cinematic realities of Jurassic World. And I think I’m ok with that.

So, after seeing the Jurassic World movie on Friday, I found myself on Saturday wanting some more dino action and was so happy that I held on to my Lego Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush (75916) set. It just made it that much cooler after just seeing the movie and recognizing the characters, vehicles, dinos, and the scenes that each of the Lego pieces were from.

With that said, I’m not really sure why Gray and the gyrosphere would be included with the truck and a Dilophosaurus when in the movie the only Dilophosaurus seen was that in a form of a hologram in the visitors center. Suspension of disbelief aside, this little set was pretty cool to put together and rather affordable a $29.99.

At 248 pieces, this set was a breeze to put together and took about 30 minutes total (had to stop and play with the gyrosphere!). Completing book one gave me a fully assembled Gray and ACU Trooper figures, crates with a chicken leg/binoculars/wrench, a lovely hooded Dilophosaurus, and the bottom foundation of the truck. Completing book two results in the completion of the truck that features a working winch, custom Jurassic World stickers, and a “rear explode function” which isn’t really as cool as it sounds…

Overall it was a fun little build and a great collector item for any Jurassic Park or dino lover. My favorite parts are the gyrosphere for the fact that it actually rotates and can keep Gray upright and for the wow factor of having a small piece from a Jurassic World scene to play around with. I also love the Dilophosaurus with its colorful paint job, familiar fanned hood from the Jurassic Park movie (poor Dennis Nedry), and the ability to open and close the jaws with a click. The truck is pretty cool but I honestly bought this set because of the other items and because, you know, my overwhelming love for all things Jurassic Park and that childhood nostalgia the franchise taps into.

Though playability is pretty strong with these new Jurassic World sets, as a collector I think this set will look great on my bookshelf next to my hardcover copy of Micheal Crichton’s Jurassic Park/The Lost World. With that said, I couldn’t resist taking these pieces outside to play around a bit in the grass and to let the Dilophosaurus do its dino-thing. Watch out, Gray!


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