Presenting… Lust List!

It can be amazing what you can find online. If you’re anything like me, the things you end up finding are things you really and truly don’t need and they are the things that would completely blow your responsible-adult budget. So, I had the genius idea to post some of my weekly lusts here in hopes of getting the urge to purchase out of my system and to perhaps share some cool finds.

And now without further adieu, I am kicking this week’s Lust List off with a snazzy Book It pin. What great childhood memories to read books in exchange for a personal pan pizza. As a young bookworm this was like a dream come true.

Patti Lapel Book It pin


Love this dress but to be honest I’ve never purchased anything from ModCloth. I have a weirdly shaped, disproportionate body and there is no way in hell that I can order clothes online. I hope one day to work up the courage because I love this print.

Heart and Solar System dress by ModCloth


Recently I have been obsessed with looking at crystals and geodes online. I have always had a thing for shiny earth treasures but have only been limited to amethyst geodes and am slowly expanding my horizons. I’ve requested a few books from the library to try to learn a little bit more and hope to find someplace relatively local that sells these sparkly beauties because hot damn, these things are expensive online!

Titanium Treated Blue Aura Calcite from RockParadise (Etsy)

blue aura calcite

This little pouch is awesome… because what’s not to love about cute Ouija graphics?

Cutie Coven Zip Pouch by Acrylicana (Etsy)

cutie coven pouch

I am obsessed with miniatures and came across these two dollhouse kits on ebay… what’s not to lust over a miniature bookstore and sushi shop? They look so detailed and even come with working lights! These kits you have to assemble yourself but I’m super hesitant about the quality and if they will arrive in one piece.

Miniature bookstore dollhouse kit (ebay)


Miniature sushi dollhouse kit (ebay)


And there we have it… my list Lust List. Hopefully by posting the things I want oh so bad but do not need it will help calm down my urge to spend.

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