Lust List: Hello Kitty Re-Ment Blind Boxes

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a blind box addict. I am one-hundred percent, unapologetically obsessed with blind boxes and miniatures and I LOVE Re-Ment. Re-Ment is a Japanese manufacturer of highly detailed miniature dollhouse-sized food, furniture, animal figures, cell phone charms… basically anything that can be itty bitty and insanely adorable is what they produce.

What I like about Re-Ment is the mystery of getting a box and not knowing which particular set you’re going to get. While this is ideal if you like a bit of mystery with your purchase, it might not be that great should you get doubles of a set or a set you weren’t particularly fond of. This is where I found eBay to be the best go-to spot to find already opened Re-Ment sets so that you are assured of getting exactly what you want even if it takes away the appeal of a good mystery item.

Re-Ment are perfect for the blind box obsessed but can also be a little pricey with most sets going for $7 on up plus shipping in most cases. These little toys and figures are highly detailed and due to the tiny size, don’t take up much room at all which is a plus. Also, there is a variety of themes and interests that can suit most people’s tastes… anything from sushi, skeletons, instruments, farm animals, handbags, fairy tale tea parties, home appliances… pretty much anything you can think of is available in miniature form.

I’m not sure where it comes from or how it starts but I get on a serious lusting kick for some Re-Ments. The most recent obsession has been over Hello Kitty themed sets, particularly the fast food theme… I am losing my mind over the teeny tiny burgers… with details like the ketchup on the burger being in the shape of Hello Kitty’s bow, the Hello Kitty printed paper wrappers, and the tiny soda fountain. This series is on my I-WANT-TO-BUY-IT-RIGHT-NOW-BUT-AM-DESPERATELY-TRYING-TO-HOLD-MYSELF-BACK-BECAUSE-I’M-AN-ADULT-AND-SHOULD-BE-MORE-RESPONSIBLE list.


Another one of my favorites right now is the sushi bar theme. What is not to love about miniature sushi with a Hello Kitty theme? If you collect all of the sets, they can be combined into one display with Hello Kitty serving in the middle. This is another one on my must buy or Christmas wish list.


Another set right up my alley is the coffee shop theme. Um, hello Re-Ment? Where you making these just for me?? Tom, knowing my obsession with these damn things, got me a box for Christmas. I ended up with the one that looks like it could be hot cocoa with whip cream on top and a tablet. I love the miniature coffee cups and need one in my life… maybe for my desk at work? Yes, I need this for work…


Lastly, Hello Kitty office theme… say what?!?! Miniature phone, laptop, lanyard, calculator… I definitely need this for my desk at work. Tax write off perhaps? I’ve been creeping on the laptop and phone sets through eBay and it’s super expensive. But a girl can dream….


Hopefully writing about these adorable sets will help calm the urge to purchase. I mean… it’s just tiny plastic junk! But the allure of the blind box will forever tempt and torment me, that foul temptress. Damn you Re-Ment for your Hello Kitty focus with themes that I too identify with… sushi… coffee… burgers… work. It’s like you’re spying on my life. Hello, NSA? Tell Re-Ment to keep on keepin’ on with these Hello Kitty series.

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