Disney Day

This weekend I was invited to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom with Kelly (Living the Before) and we had such a great time! We had an action-packed day in which we:



Met Mickey! He talked, hugged us, and told us about some hitch-hiking ghosts to watch out for. Even met Daisy and Minnie too!

Had a drink and lunch at The Wave in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The guys met us there and then we went our own way back to the Magic Kingdom.


Watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade and it was SO COOL! Got to see Belle and the Beast, Cinderella, Anna and Elsa, Tiana, Rapunzel, Ariel, Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and so many others. Best of all was the Maleficent Dragon! She blows fire but unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that.






Went on Haunted Mansion, my favorite Disney ride of all time…



We twirled around on the Mad Hatter Tea Party, rode Space Mountain (got to ride in the front!), zipped around Thunder Mountain (always a good time), went to the Monsters Inc Laugh Factory, rode around on the Peoplemover… even went to Enchanted Tales with Belle… so stinkin’ cute! You go into Maurice’s workshop, see the talking Wardrobe, and then you sit in Belle’s library with Lumiere and Belle! Obviously for kids but it was a cute, interactive experience:


Of course we snacked… got a lemon slushie (which turned out to be pure ice and was a waste of $4), corndog, iced latte, and a churro. I always get a churro when I’m at Disney! We even did a little light shopping… a Haunted Mansion magnet to add to my “places I have been” magnet collection and three blind mini-figure packs…


We stayed until the fireworks and then called it a day. It was a really fun day with Kelly. It’s crazy to think that this was the first time we’ve spent an ENTIRE day together. She was good company and a good Disney partner 🙂 Thank you so much, Kelly, for the Disney Day!

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Return to Jekyll Island

I’m back! First post in a long time and not sure how to kick this thing off… so I decided to write about our most recent vacation to Jekyll Island…

So, we had our 5 year datin-versary on January 19th and to celebrate we returned to Jekyll Island for a weekend getaway. We stayed at the lovely Jekyll Island Club Hotel, in a suite in the Sans Souci complex (America’s first condominium). Cool thing to note: it was once originally owned by JP Morgan; guests have reported smelling his cigar smoke early in the morning on the balcony.


This was our second trip to Jekyll Island and our second stay in the Club Hotel… and I really couldn’t recommend it anymore – I absolutely love this place!! What we love most about visiting is that the atmosphere is so relaxed – it is quiet, people are very friendly, and the hotel and grounds are beautiful… it’s an isolated little world all unto itself. When we visit we do a lot of walking and meandering as well as history tours, biking, shopping (well, I do!), eating, drinking, and relaxing… but the best part about staying in the Club Hotel is that it is literally right next to beautifully restored millionaire/billionaire mansions aka “cottages” dated back from the late 1800’s to the mid-1900s, most of which have been beautifully restored and available for tours.

Drinks on the balcony (trying out the Jekyll Island Reserve wine – it was tasty) and enjoying happy hour at Vincent’s Pub

1536655_10201770891371380_1182736022_n 1002061_10201771799954094_1162097020_n

Now here come the pictures of our King suite on the 3rd floor of Sans Souci. We took advantage of the hotel’s Cyber Tuesday sale and booked this pricy, lux room for half the regular price (usually $320+ per night). Note the fireplace… $18 to have the hotel come and build a fire. We did that both nights we stayed there and it was totally worth it.


Our balcony and view… the door was pretty neat, the top and bottom half could be opened separately from one another…


We like to go walking around at night… it’s quiet and the paths are lovely. Surprisingly enough, there’s no security there so you can walk right up to all of the historic houses and peak inside. Here’s the view of the sunset through the trees and over the marsh…


And of course, a lovely little shot of the Jekyll Island Club and its distinguished turret…


2013 mini glass float I purchased from the museum shop… and what helped to spark my obsession with these things…


Ok, so now I think I should address my obsession with these beautiful, handcrafted glass floats that are hidden all over the island every January and February. You can read more about the Island Treasures here. These glass floats are randomly hidden all over the island for people to find and keep! If you find one, you can bring it to the Jekyll Island Welcome Center to register it and receive information on the artist who made it (they may also take your pictures). While we weren’t lucky enough to find any floats during our stay, I did manage to stimulate the Jekyll Island economy by purchasing two small glass orbs and one large glass 2014 float…




Top to Bottom: Black and silver glass orb made by Loretta Eby and purchased at Just By Hand; Large Jekyll Island 2014 float crafted by Mark Ellinger purchased at the Jekyll Island Welcome Center; glass orb purchased from Gypsea Glass (unsure of artist’s name).

I follow the Jekyll Island Facebook page religiously just to tease myself with all of the people who have been able to find a float… maybe we will just have to back to stay during this time next year… just one more good reason to go back…

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