Happy Hearts Day ♥

Happy Hearts Day, friends!

Zelda and I kicked it off with a themed photoshoot. She’s so patient and has gotten better at sitting pretty and letting me do my thing. Of course, feeding her treats throughout doesn’t hurt either…


I love the holidays because it’s a time to decorate, have a little fun, surprise loved ones with little treats, and spice/sparkle up our everyday mundane routine. Decorating is my thing and I am one of those weirdos who not only decorates our house but my workspace as well. If we live in our offices (or in a cubicle) for most of our waking adult life, it may as well be welcoming and something one can enjoy. A person can’t work in drab tan colors under fluorescent lights all day and not loose their sanity. So we decorated away! And I’m thankful to have such great cubicle neighbors/friends who encourage this sort of behavior.


I also put together a few little treat bags for a few co-workers and friends (the secret here is lots of chocolate which is very much needed through the workday!). I should note that I try to do things on a budget and found the Dollar Tree and the $1 section at Target are usually my go to places for cute and affordable goodies.

I made a few bags of goodies for a few of my real life gal pals but unfortunately didn’t take any pics of those.


Yesterday I went to see my mom and take her out for lunch at probably one of her favorite spots, Logan’s Roadhouse. What can I say, she’s a cheap date? I also gave her a few little things…


And she in return sent me home with a whole bunch of goodies (it’s funny that we both got each other mini roses). My family doesn’t have a whole lot of traditions but the one thing that was constant throughout my childhood that still continues to this day is that she always puts together something festive for me. Maybe that’s where I got the urge to decorate and gift for holidays from? It’s something we both enjoy doing and it’s nice.


Got an awesome snail mail Valentine (with tattoo!) from my galentine Kelly (Living the Before) ♥


This morning my love made me a red velvet waffle. It was like eating cake for breakfast…


And gave me a super adorable little postcard showcasing his artwork (it’s weird to know he drew a bunch of hearts) with a sweet note on the back. It made me laugh but I love things like this…


Zelda and I then surprised him with some goodies. With everything that’s been going on recently, I figured he needed some love. I have to share that a few weeks ago he found the Sriracha pickles at Target and was so excited. When we got home he immediately wanted to try them and accidentally dropped the jar on the floor. Glass and pickles everywhere. He was pretty bummed so I figured this will give him another chance. Also, The Many Faces of Cartman Kidrobot blind box I got off of ebay so that we can get the exact one he wanted (Officer Cartman) without having to spend a whole bunch of money on blind boxes with ones he doesn’t. I’m finally wising up on my blind box game.

Zelda was pretty pleased with the haul…


And of course, Zelda got a new toy… a cupid pig! She was pretty excited and didn’t want to sit still for a quick pic…


For dinner we grilled at home. It doesn’t make sense to fight the crowds just to be out and about on Valentine’s. It so much more pleasant to stay in with your love, stay comfortable in your jammies, and grill some steaks and potatoes. Om nom nom!


And that was how we spent our Valentine’s. Thankful to have a loving little family and a few great friends in my life ♥ ♥ ♥